Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One down

It always feels good to check off a project from the to-do list. Though it seems for every one project I check off, I add 3 more! Not a very good balance.

It helps that this project was for someone else so I was more motivated to get it done. I was helping my friend Katy from SycamoreBaby finish her Big Sister Busy Box for her neice. I just made a bunch of craft kits from all the great craft crap I have in every corner of my craft cave. I figure that Katy can pick and choose what will work well for her neice and then keep the rest for her own daughters. I was thrilled to help and, even better, we are doing an exchange where my girls are going to get some of Katy's FABULOUS one-of-a-kind monkey shirts. I am definitely the winner in this exchange!

Package Contents:
Gardening Craft Kit, 2 Paper doll kits, 2 Little Mouse refigerator games, Card making kit, Beading kit, Picture frame making kit, Exercise dice game, Tissue paper fish collage project, Star scratch art ornament

I hope these things work out well and that it helps keep the new Big Sister busy and entertained to help the parents adjust to life with 2 kids!

1 comment:

sycamore baby said...

Thank you thank you lisa!!! How perfect. Can't wait to see it! Finished the shirt for your youngest tonight. It is really cute!! Look for a blog post about it soon.