Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Business News

Each week one or two orders seem to trickle in from random places and this is plenty to keep me busy and entertained. It is kind of exciting that this week's orders are from "return customers" that I don't personally know. The first is from a gal I made my first diaper cake order for. She emailed me saying a good friend found out she is pregnant and she wanted to send her some gift and wondered if I could come up with something. Well, I love challenges so I took her up on it. She didn't want something for the baby, but instead of the mom. I have been eyeing these "altered paint cans" in scrapbooking magazines and thought this was a good opportunity to try it out so here it is!
I am thinking it needs a bit more embellishment but can't quite figure out where to place a little ribbon or something (comments and suggestions welcome). Then it is filled with pampering items like chocolate, body scrub and shea butter lotion, slipper socks, pregnancy book and a rice pack for heating up. I think it is cute and the can would be nice in a nursery to throw all those little odds and ends for baby you have hanging around. I am looking forward to playing around with more paint cans for different looks.

Order #2 that I got this week is from CrossboneStudio who did my banners and business cards that I love so much. She ordered a paperdoll set for her daughter a few weeks ago and now ordered 2 more. She gave such a wonderful feedback on my shop I had to share: "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE MOST ADORABLE THING!!! I love it! My daughter will love it! Lots of fabulous goodies and such great attention to detail!!!EVERY GIRL NEEDS ONE OF THESE - Even the "big" ones like me!!" And then she went above and beyond and attempted to "promote" the paper dolls on an Etsy forum. It quickly got buried but it was so sweet of her to go to the effort!
I am also finishing up a busy box that an acquaintance had requested for her kiddos awhile back with no needed due date, which is a bad thing. I perform best under pressure with a firm deadline! Hoping to get it wrapped up for her this week and delivered to get it crossed off my list.
WOW long post, did you make it this far???? If so, thanks for reading and letting me share!


katy said...

kicking butt and taking names, lisa! yay for you. what about gluing ribbon around the top and bottom of the can? It is a great idea, but I agree it could you a little somethin' more. . . lemme think and I'll get back to you (knowing you though, you've already thought of something) What about some medium size scrap booking flowers glued around on the paper ~ or quotes about motherhood? hmmmm.

katy said...

didn't look closely - sorry i see you've already done the majority of my suggestions - what about outlining the blue paper with ricrak or ribbon?

Sara said...

What about 3 or 4 coordinating short pieces of ribbon tied onto the handle on the right side. Just knotted with about 2 inches of excess. You could maybe even hang a charm off of one ribbon.