Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homemade Chia Pet

This is a fun gardening project for the kiddos. We did it at home and had such a good time with it the Mom's Day Out program I work with did it for one of their projects too. Lots of moms were very impressed!
Start with an empty yogurt container. I found the yoplait ones worked best since they have a narrower top.

Cover the container with fabric for "clothes".

Fill an old nylon with 1 TB grass seed and then fill with about 1 cup of potting soil. Tie a knot at the end of the soil (don't tie it lower or the dirt will fall down).

Fill the cup with some water and let end of nylon hang into it to soak up the water. Add some eyes and spray the top with water, keeping it damp. Eventually the grass will grow for hair (and maybe a mustache and beard!! It is fun to give them haircuts.


katy said...

i lOVE it ~ Eva will too! Thanks

katy said...

been thinking about this project . . . who has old nylons lying around these days??? hee hee

Sara said...

Ours started growing "hair" today!

Lisa said...

Katy, hanging my head in shame that I had to buy a box of the knee high ones. When was the last time I wore nylons??? I have a TON left over and will send some your way since I have some Swanson coupons I will never use!

capperoo said...

I love this project and intend to make it with my little ones. I hope you don't mind if I link to it in my (completely unread, but on the web nonetheless) blog. Thank you!