Tuesday, April 1, 2008


M had to have one of her top front teeth pulled today. She seems to have the inability to lose teeth in the normal, happy childlike way. At 11 months old she knocked out one of her bottom front teeth on the coffee table and now this. The tooth removed today had been knocked in a fall over a year ago. But just recently it has been starting to discolor more and she has complained of discomfort. The dentist felt it was best to remove it before it did cosmetic damage to the permanenet tooth. So out it came. She is enjoying the role of sick patient and was especially looking forward to having lunch in bed. Though it was obvious she was not feeling well when she requested I only read 2 books instead of the usual 3 after lunch and fell right asleep. Hoping she wakes up a bit more chipper.

Sooooo in ?celebration? of the lost tooth and to mark the first visit of the tooth fairy, we made paper doll fairies. I thought they turned out quite cute and very bedazzled. The girls had fun and it seemed to keep M's mind off of things for a few minutes. (did you know? You can always click on the picture for a more up-close and detailed look at the photo!)

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