Friday, April 4, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat

Well, this post has been in the works for 3 weeks now since I had my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, RELAXING weekend away to the Keepsake Cottage in Kent. The place was really nice. Just a little house built specifically for scrappers with a huge workroom, cute little bedrooms, tools to use and ALL meals provided. I had brought along extra snacks to share and the owner provided so much food I didn't even break into my stash!!!! Though I did open up the wine I had brought! It was so nice to have 3 full days to focus on just scrapbooking without worrying about anything else that needed to be done. And a big bonus was getting to chat with friends and make some new friends as well!!! We will definitely be going back for more of these retreats.

I was really pleased with the layouts I did. I tried to do something new that I hadn't tried before on each page (hand stitching and assymetrical pages being my favorites!). I have found as my scrapping evolves, the quality improves greatly but the quantity has taken a drastic cut. I worked CONSTANTLY the entire weekend, up until 2:00 or later both nights/mornings and I only got 12 layouts done. But I am truely in love with most, though I have a little tweeking to on a few where I tried some things that didn't quite turn out to my liking. Thanks for taking a look at some of my favorites. It was really hard choosing one or two to showcase, so I just picked ALOT!!! I recommend clicking on some of the photos to see the detail better in a larger picture! Photos don't do lots of the details justice but you get the idea!!!

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Sara said...

Way to go Lisa! I LOVE the ocean beach layouts. GREAT pictures!