Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This was one of our science experiments for spring break week. The main concept is showing how different liquids are heavier/lighter than others and will create layers.


rubbing alcohol, cooking oil, karo syrup, sequins/glitter, small cups, rubber tubing, food coloring, small dowel pieces, funnel (I made ours), hot glue gun

STEP ONE Give the child cups and pour liquids into each cup. Then choose a different food coloring for each liquid and add sequins or glitter. This is especially good in the thick karo syrup.

What we learned - you may want to skip the food coloring for the oil since it affirmed the concept that other liquids won't mix with oil!!!


Okay, this is the tricky part and I didn't have enough hands to do it and take the pictures. You need to hold the tubing in a U shape with the openings on top. Then attach the funnel into one side of the tubing and pour liquids in. What we learned: DO THIS OVER A SINK OR BATHTUB! At least my kitchen floor got a much needed mopping! Start with the karo syrup. Then add the cooking oil. Add half on one side and then move the funnel to the other side of the tubing to add more oil. Now add the rubbing alcohol, again doing part on each side. Then jam the dowel piece into the tubing to connect it into a large circle and hot glue to secure so it looks something like this:


The girls had a fun time playing with these. Shaking them, spinning them and just watching. What we learned: the dowel and hot glue does not ensure a perfect seal. I allowed them to play for a bit while watching them closely with towel on hand. Then we hung them in their bedroom windows for the sun to shine through (in the middle we hung the crystal project from our science project the day before, I will post photos and directions soon)

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