Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Craft time for ME!!!

The past two months, my craft time has been almost non-existent. Wrapping up the end of the school year for Madison and the end of Mom's Day Out for Nora took up all my free time for awhile. It was fun planning field trips and carnival activities, making art portfolio books and more; but I really missed my own craft time. I am happy to report that yesterday I made some good efforts to get started again! The first big challenge was just to get my workspace cleared and organized. While dealing with the piles, I unearthed some bleeding heart photos I had printed months ago in hopes to make some notecards so I got those taken care of.

Then I got down to the serious business of starting a new scrapbook layout. This one is going to be "Book Buddies", all the many random photos I have of the girls reading books with people. It is going to be very fun and colorful when done. Hopefully I will be able to post the final result soon.

I am looking forward to many happy hours of crafting in my room this summer since I don't have other commitments with PTA and such until the school year starts up again!


Rae said...

sounds really cute! I need to order about 300 pictures and catch up.

katy said...

yay for you, Lisa! the bleeding heart picture is really lovely. i have visions of photo note cards too, but i haven't even ordered the prints. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Wow..thos pictures are beautiful. I need to find my creative side again. I started with my garden yesterday...does that count? I am going to add you to my site if you don't'll help me stay creative!