Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ice Treasure

REPOSTING THIS FROM POST FROM LAST SUMMER! We are getting ready for some ice fun to day to try and beat this crazy heat we are having. Hoping maybe it helps someone else too!! I think today we may just pop them right into the swimming pool.
I have looked at this idea on a few different blogs and it was SOOOOO much fun and so easy. Just fill a plastic container with water and add all sorts of little treasures (we did marbles, bead necklaces, plastic dinosaurs, balls....) Then freeze the container. Once frozen pop it out and let the kids try and get the treasure. We started off with toothbrushes and syringes for our tools but the girls' attention spans are not too great so they quickly progressed to hammer, screwdrivers and hot water. TONS OF FUN for a sunny day!


katy said...

I've seen this activity too. Think we'll give it a try as well. It's simple, doesn't require a trip to the store, can be done outside and it's NOT messy!! Perfect.

suddenly sahm said...

just like when she freezes her credit card in ice in Shopoholic and then desperately chips it out - hahaha - kidding aside, this is a great idea!