Thursday, July 30, 2009

Storyhill Live

2 weeks ago Tom and I went on a date night. That alone is reason to be excited, as this is not really a regular event for us. BUT we even went on a real adult date, not just out to dinner and walking Home Depot dreaming of home improvement projects. Instead we went to a concert presented by the Firefly Concert Series. Now this isn't your ordinary concert in a local bar or anything, it is an unplugged, acoustic house concert. AMAZING. It was in a home in West Seattle right on the water with unbelievable views. The audience is 30-40 guests at the most so it is about as intimate as you can get. It started out with a fabulous urban potluck (you know hummus, salmon, brie cheese..... no baked beans or potatoe salads in sight YUMMY:-). And the best part of all, it was our all time favorite singer/songwriter duo STORYHILL. Tom went to highschool with them and introduced me to their music in college and we have been HUGE fans ever since. There music is amazing, harmoies are fabulous and the lyrics hold special meaning for us since many revolve around the Bozeman area where our hearts will always be. The concert was fabulous, the photos awful! Although I never leave home without it, I choose not to bring my camera so I just have this lame photo from the camera phone. In theory you should see the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains out the windows but that didn't really work out as I had planned.....
I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on the Firefly Concert Schedule to go to more in the future. It was really an enjoyable evening and a great date night! I have added a very short playlist to my blog to introduce you to Storyhill music. Unfortunately there were only 2 of their songs to choose from, but I hope you enjoy them! (or just hit mute on your computer if you don't)

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Heather said...

So cool! That sounds like an awesome evening!