Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beach Photos

I have been wanting to get the girls onto the beach with these dresses since I bought them on clearance last summer. The last few days I have realized that summer vacation will be over VERY quickly so I better get moving on some of the many things left on the list. And the weather reports for the next week don't look to good, so today we went down to Point Defiance Beach for a photo shoot. It started out a bit more stressful than anticipated with traffic being horrible and parking spots hard to come by. But once we got settled on the beach the fun began. I took 121 photos and whittled it down to 35. Now I need to pick 4-6 to get blown up larger and do a fun scrapping project on these frames I got from Ikea. I plan to scrap the 12x12 page and then add extra details to the matting around the outside.


Kimberly said...

Those are adorable photos!

Sebastian said...

i can`t believe how much madison has grown! it`s been a long time!
greetings to you, tom and the girls!

Anonymous said...


Monkey's Mama said...

Great photos! I hope you post the final product.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

Great photo.
I'm a brand new photographer - long time photoshopper and I just had a beach trip.
Here are some of my favorites. they are more sunset based but beach, none-the-less. I would love comments and critiques from all of your readers!

the mini-blog inside of Art Star is called Point and Shoot.