Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Playdate

Nora had a playdate at her preschool today before the official start in 2 weeks. We really fell in love with the place. The building is great with 3 different rooms for the kids to play in. My favorite was the creation room. Full of all sorts of tubes, papers, ribbons, tape, pom poms, glitter and so much more for the imagination to go wild. Today the table had cups of glue and a sectioned box in the middle with all sorts of collage items. So here is my own photo collage with all the preschool fun!!

putting handprint on school tree, dramatic play organization, science table

collage station, indoor sensory box, selection of tape in creation room

dramatic play fun, bicycle merry-to-round, indoor playtime

The preschool goes perfectly with my philosophy on early childhood education. It is so developmentally appropriate being hands-on and kids learning through experimenting and playing. I have to say that teaching there would probably be my dream job. And speaking of teaching, the teacher is wonderful and has been there for 25 years!!! Can you imagine?

It is going to be torture for Nora to have to wait 2 more weeks before the official start of school!! She is so excited and everytime someone talks to Madison about first grade, Nora has to make sure to let them know that she gets to go to preschool!

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