Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leavenworth Weekend

So many things I want to blog and so little time! In theory, as a stay at home mom you would think I would have oodles of time to blog, blog, blog. But as the the girls are getting older, life is getting so much more hectic! My mind is always thinking of great entries, but the actual act of creating the entry often gets put off until it seems to late to bother! I am hoping over the next few weeks to add some more entries with some of the fun stuff we have been doing.

This past weekend we went over the mountain to Leavenworth for a fun weekend with friends. They own some beautiful property with a yurt. Don't know what a yurt is? I forgot to take a photo of theirs, but here is one I found online that looks very similar.

In simple terms, it is a very stable, semi-permanent tent-like structure with lattice supported walls on the inside. I guess they are originally from Mongolia. You can always google it to find out more! Our friends' yurt has a bathroom and kitchen (even with dishwasher!) with a wood stove that keeps things toasty warm! The kids love going over and exploring the outdoors. Their property is right on the Wenatchee River and the trees were glorious in their fall displays. In the past we have taken the camper for sleeping arrangements but this time we decided to have a big sleepover. So 4 adults, 4 kids (ages 6, 4, 3, 2) and 2 large dogs in the one-room structure. All went well and we had a succesful night!

On Sunday, before heading home, we went on a hike up to a fire lookout station on Sugarloaf Mountain. It was a bit more of a drive than anticipated but the view was amazing and well worth the effort. It was hard to get a photo that really captured the view to show where we were. We were on the absolute top of the mountain with large drop-offs all around and an incredible 360 degree view of mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers.

It was a great time to get away from all the daily craziness that is keeping us busy at home and to spend time with friends.

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rachel said...

I love your blog and what a GREAT mommy you are! I love all the crafts you do with your daughters. I am excited that maddie is finally getting old enough to start really doing activities too :) Crazy that we both have a "madison" :)