Monday, October 27, 2008

Oatmeal Fun

What to do when the preschool teacher is in need of oatmeal boxes? Have a day of Oatmeal Fun in the house!!!
Step One: Start with one of the girls' favorite breakfasts, Banana Oatmeal. I just make the oatmeal following the directions but substitute vanilla soymilk for the water. Much sweeter tasting! Then add mashed bananas and top with brown sugar (of course). YUMMY and healthy too (minus the sugar!)!
Step Two: Clean out the sensory tub (i.e. shallow rubbermaid tub) that has been full of beans for the past year and fill it with some oatmeal! Nora had a great time playing with her favorite toys (schleich animals) in the oatmeal. The mess was fairly minimal and easily vacuumed up. I plan to let her experiment with adding some water to the box later this week to see what will happen. That probably won't be quite so easy to vacuum up, but I anticipate lots of fun to be had!

Step Three: Make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! YUMMY! Click HERE for the recipe I used today, it was delicous! And check out her new blog Baking Bites. Some yummy recipes and adorable kitchen products that may not all be must-haves but certainly must-wants and some very helpful cooking tips.
So now we can bring Mrs. Brown 3 empty oatmeal boxes for the kids to make their baby cribs.(They are doing baby learning this month and each child will make their own doll, blanket and crib and then get to help bathe REAL babies along with baby dolls. HOW FUN!!!)


Sara said...

Wow. I now dub thee Super Mom of the Year... Good work. :)

rachel said...

yeah, totally super mom! I need to be better about starting maddie on all the pre-pre-school stuff. I love oatmeal cookies!