Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Claus is coming!!!!

The girls and I had a wonderful day celebrating the season. We started off by going to get our Santa pictures taken to add to our collection. If you got a close look, you would notice a number of years that ended up being family photos! They are probably the most professional family photo we have ever had taken. Madison was fairly terrified of Santa until last year. In concept she was always excited to go see him but once we came face to face with him it was a different story. The first year she was young enough and the photographer snapped the photo quickly before she realized where she was. The second year was NOT going to happen. She was 18 months and at the height of stranger anxiety (which she had a horrible of case of to begin with) and we hadn't figured out the family photo solution. So that year's picture is of Micah, our dog, and Santa. For some reason I don't have that one in a frame, I will need to go track it down.

So last year was the first year the girls were willing to sit with Santa on their own. SUCCESS!!! I think one of the reasons is we finally found a FANTASTIC Santa. The first few years we did the REI family holiday party which was always lots of fun, but just a staff member dressed as Santa and they were primarily doing dog/Santa photos (you know those REI folk!!!). Then one year we did the YMCA which was a small step up but not great. THEN last year we went down to Kent Station and found the REAL Santa!!! First of all, they have a special house built for Santa and everyone lines up outside so when you go in, you get Santa one-on-one in a calm and quiet environment. Just look how it is decorated!!
And then you get to spend 5+ minutes just chatting with him. The girls were asking all sorts of questions and you never feel rushed or hurried. Madison wanted to know all about the reindeer and where they stay for the rest of the year. Santa gave such a thorough answer, that even Madison was satisfied. And Nora brought along a "Little Pet Shop" book to specifically show Santa what she wanted (much to the horror of mommy!) Then they finally get you sat down on the nice couch and take MANY photos to get the best one. The photo we got last year was so good, I think it is one of the best photos I have of the girls together. I wish I could keep it up and framed all year!

And then the final step is the "nose test" that Santa does. He presses on the girls noses and if it squeaks then he knows they have been good! Of course, the girls got the squeaks they were hoping for.
So, if you live in the area and haven't had your Santa visit yet, I HIGHLY recommend going to Kent Station. The only down-side is the possible wait. We only had 9 families in front of us but waited close to an hour for our turn. But it is so worth it, because you know that the kids are going to get quality time when it is their turn. And the girls were able to run around the plaza area while waiting having lots of fun.
BUT I would not recommend going if it is raining out, since there is no covered area for waiting. But maybe you would luck out and not have a line because of it!


rachel said...

I love it...even though I hate malls, I always find the best Santa's there. This year we had NO line as we ran down right after micah's school let out.

Amy said...

Sounds great, but probably not the most convenient with Addison being so little this year! I'm looking for VERY LITTLE WAIT TIME! We'll see how 3 kids go with Santa... he better have a big lap!