Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here is photo # 20 on the journey to 365.
Madison colored this in her classroom while watching parts of the inaugaration. I was quite disappointed that it was my work day and I missed most of the festivities and had to catch them later on the news. It was fun watching parts with the girls and having them relate to where it was happening and realize that we stood at those exact spots this fall. I am very thankful for our DC trip to help them feel a bit more engaged in this whole process.

I realize I am probably raising a bit of a "nerd" with Madison and I am quite all right with that fact. She is very interested in history and politics and remembers so much more than I ever can. I often have to send her to daddy for further information once her questions go beyond my limited knowledge base. Here she is last week making a Happy Birthday banner for MLK jr. She felt it was appropriate and who am I to stop such genuine sincerity:-) She also created an I Have a Dream banner.
At school they wrote dreams for the world, country and community. Hers were:
world - No more battles
country - No more littering
community - More books at the Black Diamond Library (because it has much fewer books than the other local libraries:-)
So I went to bed with such a feeling of pride, hope and faith that things can improve in our nation. I have HOPE that Madison (and Nora) can grow up being able to use all their gifts and talents to be helpful, caring and hard-working citizens who have pride in what they do and where they live.

So...... I will get off my political platform and just leave you with this link that brought tears to my eyes. I know that not everyone feels this change is the best for our country, but reading this makes me know that there is HOPE and with EVERYONE working together we can make strides ahead.

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rachel said...

I'm sooo with you...I am happy for our children that we have the new president that we do! I have a great pic of maddie with a mad face in front of George Bush on his way behind her on the T.V. I am glad our children will how have better :) I couldn't turn it off..I was balling and taking pics of the TV like a big nerd!