Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project 365 sharing

An evening of dueling laptops. At least mine is prettier than Tom's work one:-)
In theory, Project 365 is about capturing one photo each day but some days it is hard to pick one photo. Plus I would like a little more interest to my pages instead of just 7 basic photos each week. So I made this collage with photoshop of Nora's abstract painting.
The bag pile from when we return after a crazy Tuesday. Including Nora's backpack, Madison's backpack, Madison's lunchbox, my gym bag, my change of clothes bag for after work, a grocery bag and my purse. I guess for us, you can measure how busy the day was by how many bags we needed. And this was a busy one! I left the house at 7:20 and got home at 6:45 and in that time I went to work, taught art to a kindergarten class, ran to the grocery store, accomplished drop-offs and pick-ups of the girls and went to the gym before coming home and throwing the bags in the corner to deal with later.
So that is the fun side of Project 365.....on the dark side is that cute little kit that you see over in my sidebar. Doesn't it look fabulous? With page protectors to hold your photos and journaling cards for each week, all coordinating papers, embellishments and journal cards cut to the correct size so you just slip them in the pages, a fabulous album to put it all in and so much more. So what's the problem???? I don't have it! Weeks of hearing it will be sent any day, finally getting shipping confirmation to only receive a box with one book and NO KITS (although the invoice stated the kits were included), to once again be told it would be shipped out any day, to now get word that my order is back-ordered and it will arrive at some time in February...... I will believe it when I see it!

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rachel said...

Thanks for sharing those...I have done a couple "mosaic" photos using picnik and mosaic maker to put two pics onto one :) I am having too much fun with this. Sorry to hear about all the kit madness!