Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scrappin' Fun

Along with exercise, my other New Year's Goal was to be more productive and consistent with my scrap-booking. I really have no excuses with my scrapcave and enough materials to do multiple albums. I have been doing pretty well, focusing on Sunday nights as my evening to create. Here are a few of my latest favorites:

If anyone has hints on how to post layouts in a better way I would love to hear them! I tried some just with one side of a 2 page layout. You can see more details but I like the look of both pages together to see the finished piece. But when I photographed that there is alot of dead space and it is hard to see the details in the pages......

And here is our first Project 365 club meeting, which I hosted. It was alot of fun, even if I didn't have my album to get started yet. I am looking forward to the monthly sessions for friends, food and accountability in keeping up with my album!


rachel said...

I wish there was a better way to document the scrap pages, but I just always take a picture of each one....my dream: a 12x12 printer/scanner...now if I could just win the lotto!

Denita said...

Your 365 Meeting looked like a hit! We are having our first get together this coming weekend. To fun...keep up the great work!