Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Banner

Today Nora turns 4!! I will post more about the birthday girl after the day is wrapped up (or more like unwrapped!) but I wanted to share this fun banner I made to help decorate. I really enjoyed going back in time and finding pictures of her as she has grown. It also made this mommy a bit sad that my baby is growing up much faster than I like. I could have looked for hours but tried to hurry the process along since I also had presents to wrap and tooth fairy letters to write (more on that also to come:-) and it was 10:00 at night all ready.

I think it is adorable and I am looking forward to hanging it in her room. I have 2 extra squares on the end to add more photos to.

And here is Madison's sweet addition to the decorations. Amazing what you can do with some scotch tape and popsicle sticks!!


Sara said...

Super cute banner! I'm afraid Landon will be getting no banner this year...his birthday is on Saturday. Poor thing, we will be packing and moving on his b-day!

katy said...

Lisa! That banner is soooo cute! Are you going to hang it in her room post bday? GOOD JOB!

rachel said...

I LOVE that banner....sure she will too :)

Amy said...

I love that banner, especially with the pictures on it! I have to remember that idea next time. What cricut cartridge is that again?