Monday, March 16, 2009

Mommy and Madison scrappin'

Friday was FINALLY the day when my Project 365 kit arrived. Only 72 days after I orderd it (not that I was counting or ultra-obsessed or anything like that:-) So this was the photo I had planned for my daily photo
I, of course, had to dive in right away and get started on the long-awaited project. More about that in a later post. So I started organizing my supplies and Madison immediately decided to get out her own scrapbook and supplies. I have to admit that I got very little accomplished during the next hour besides running around printing photos for Madison, helping her with other supplies and keeping Nora occupied but it still was a wonderful hour where Madison was participating with me in my favorite hobby. I can only imagine how much easier it will get in the upcoming years for us to do this together. I still have my scrapbooks that I did starting when I was in third grade (clippings from the Terry Tribune, bad photos from my Kodak disc camera and all sorts of crazy things!). I look forward to Madison's creations. And the sweetest thing was before I took any photos of this activity Madison ran to find her camera and said that she was going to take pictures of us scrapbooking together to make a scrapbooking page about it!!! It seems she was reading my mind!
Here are my photos that will replace the box photo as my P365 photo of the day. As important as that box was to me, it means very little compared to the hour I spent with Madison creating and chatting.
I just noticed in this photo that Madison still has her reading book in her lap, even while she was working on her project!! She is such a book-worm I start to wonder if I have to limit her reading. It truely is out of control some days!

One of Madison's finished pages. A helpful hint to any scrapping moms out there who plan to scrap with their kiddos - YOU MUST GIVE UP CONTROL. I find myself constantly wanting to help with layout, supplies, coordinating but then remember this is MADISON'S book and not mine and so I zip my lips and enjoy!!


katy said...

is this the lisa I know and Love?? Limit reading?? I can't believe you uttered those words.

I'm so happy for you that Madison shares in your hobby. That is wonderful! I really hope one of my girls wants to learn how to quilt or sew. It's kinda tricky to encourage them while respecting that they may not be interested. Madison's page is beautiful. You more than anyone else I know have taught me to back off and let them have owner ship. If you saw Eva's outfit today it would be proof of that ;)

Heather said...

What a great time together!

Melinda said...

Aw, that looks like a real bonding experience. I wonder if my boys will ever want to do that with me ?!?!?