Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Butterfly Garden

To get our mind off this cold weather and get good spring thoughts into our heads we visited the Butterfly Garden at Pacific Science Center on Friday when Grandma Margie was in town. I would have happily sat in that room for HOURS. The sun shining in the huge windows, the warm humidity and all the beautiful flowers and butterflies to see.
Summer can't get here fast enough!! The girls are looking forward to it being warm enough for them to run through the fountain instead of just admiring it from afar.


katy said...

Really beautiful pictures, Lisa! I do like that butterfly house. It seems to have more butterflies than the Woodland PZ. Although the heat does sound good about now, I still remember my last visit there and I sweated terribly - rivers running down my back and such. Glad your mom is visiting!

rachel said...

That sounds like fun. I am SO ready for summer too..or at least warm weather and sun :)

Heather said...

Looks lide a great day. I think we are going to go in a couple of weeks. We haven't taken the kids there yet. I'm excited! :0)