Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Snow

It is getting just a bit crazy with the amount of snowy days we have had this year. I usually love it. The look of snow covered trees it so peaceful to me and a late-start to school is always a welcomed reprieve. I also find having an excuse to stay home is always nice in our crazy and over-scheduled lives.
Unfortunately, yesterday was NOT one of those peaceful snow days. For some reason, school was starting on time and we didn't make it to the bus stop due to tired girls from the time change. (I am included in that tired girl category!) So I had to drive Madison to school right when the snow was at its worst and I got stuck driving up the big hill into our neighborhood coming home and ended up with the mini-van in the ditch. AND the worst part??? I was so stressed I forgot to take a photo for my Project 365 album. BUMMER!
I am also concerned for my daffodils that are so ready to bloom and have gotten snow and freezing temperatures the past few days. Oh, and then there are those plants I bought at the nursery last week in a moment of spring weather but didn't get planted yet. Hope they survived.....

1 comment:

katy said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so very sorry! How did you get out of the ditch?

I can't believe the crazy weather. Did the snow stick around?