Monday, April 27, 2009

Auction Project #2

Here is the bookshelf we made for Nora's school auction. Like Madison's, I really don't think photos do it justice. I really think it is adorable.
We made it into a stuffed animal zoo. Thanks to Family Fun magazine for the inspiration. The top shelf has elastic "bars" going across to put the stuffed animals into it. SUPER CUTE!!!!
For the art I used this book and made a handprint animal with each student. They each got to choose their own animal and we had lion, tarantula, elephant, dolphin and more! My favorites were the seahorses and, of course, Nora's flamingo!! ADORABLE!!!
We ended up buying the bookcase back at the auction and I think it looks so sweet in Nora's room. She loves putting the animals in and out of it and with our over-abundance of stuffed-animals it is nice to have a place for some of them.

**update #1 - Madison's bookshelf is currently being bid on with her school on-line auction. After getting Nora's, I had every intention of getting hers too, but someone has bid it up to $131 and I am not sure I am willing to go higher, even though I know the $$ goes to a good cause. Though I am a bit disappointed since the high bidder does not have a child in Madison's class and the sentimental side of me really wants it to go to someone in the class. So I may end up putting in a last minute high bid to try and win it. If I don't we will build another shelf for Madison and she can personalize it herself.

**update #2 - laptop is still dead, I need to call Dell today to see what we need to do to get it in working order again. But I (okay, Tom) got some of the problems figured out on the dinosaur desktop so I can do most things on there. I am just stuck in one place to do it, I miss the laptop freedom but it is good for me!

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Heather said...

That is so cute! I love the bars to keep the animals in. Great idea.