Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camping Highlights

      • CAMPFIRES - Nora was especially wanting us to all tell "spooky stories" around the campfire. I am not sure how spooky they were but it was lots of fun. The girls especially enjoyed Tom's retelling of The Hobbit and I am sure he will be pulling out the book soon for bedtime reading.
      • VOLCANOE VIEWS - We really lucked out in getting a crystal clear day for a perfect view of Mt St Helens. It can't get much better than that.
          HIKING - we went on a great 2.5 mile hike that had lots of volcanic rocks, formations, damage that opened up for lots of volcanoe talk..... along with beautiful wildflowers, beaver dams and much more
          • FAMILY FUN - Camping is always such a special treat and only seems to get better (and easier) as the girls get older. Tom and Madison had frisbee fun hitting a record 10 back and forths with no drops! The campsite we stayed at had some good play areas and small hiking trails to go exploring. Overall it was a fabulous trip and we can't wait to head out on our next camping excursion!!
          • Quote from Madison - "The worst part of camping is going home!"


      Hege said...

      Looks like a perfect weekend!

      ANDREA said...

      i love the camfire pic. We roasted marshmallows on the BBQ this weekend. Not quite the same thing :)

      Amy said...

      Looks like fun! Glad you had such nice weather

      Heather said...

      It looks like a lot of fun!