Sunday, July 5, 2009

Montana Musings

We are 4 days into our Montana trip and it has been fabulous so far. Here are some highlights
And we are off! We were backing out of the driveway at exactly 8:00 a.m. as planned. The first hour of the drive was a bit painful and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Madison was weepy and tearful that she would be homesick and would miss daddy, Micah, Mercedes, Beemer, Fanny, Sunset and Blacky. Oh, and her room, the house, the garden....... you get the picture yet? Nora started 15 minutes into the drive with "Are we there yet?". Luckily they got all that out of their system the first hour and the next 11 hours were fairly painfree.
Fourth of July Family Celebrations

We enjoyed our family barbeque with all the younger generation keeping us entertained with balloon rockets, swimming pool fun and rolling fun down the hill. The best was when the red and blue frosted cupcakes were brought out. Here are the kids modeling their patriotic tongues!

Hiking Excursion

6 children ages 7, 6, 4, 3, 3 and 2 on a 3+ mile hike up Drinking Horse Mountain Trail. We were at least wise enough to have more adults than children (7 total) to make sure we had enough backs and arms for hauling them out. Amazingly, all the children did exceptionally well and were able to do the entire hike (minus the final summit switchbacks) without adult assitance. Even the 2 year old hiked up the mountain under her own power. It may have been a bit more than we signed up for but it really was a great hike and an enjoyable day to spend with family.Nora and Uncle Bob


Heather said...

It looks like it is a great trip!

Amy said...

Good pictures so far! It must be so fun for the girls to get to hang out with cousins and family for so long. Hope you are getting some Project 365 done too!

ANDREA said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to see more and hear all about it. You are a brave hiker girl!