Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Bucket List #1

Welcome to Post #1 in my new summer series The Summer Vacation Bucket List. You know the bucket list, where you are supposed to make a list of all the things you want to do before kicking the bucket?? Well this is going to be our family version of all the things we want to do before summer kicks the bucket for another year:-) The girls are going to help create a large list of things we think we want to do at home and on the go and then we will see how many are checked off at the end of summer.

Fun Farm Plans
This week we have gotten two things checked off before the list is even complete. I guess, in reality the list will never be complete because I am sure we will continue to add new ideas as the summer progresses.
Farmer's Markets

I would like to attend more farmer's markets this year and do a tour of all the ones in our area. I have to admit that South Puget Sound doesn't always have the most amazing markets to be found in comparison to ones you would find in Seattle, but they seem to be getting better. Last night we went to the Renton Farmers Market, held every Tuesday from 3-7. I love that it is on a weekday and the girls and I can do it without taking up weekend time, since Tom isn't really a big fan of farmer's markets (or anthing that involves many people crowded into a small space trying to walk and browse). Overall, I would rate it a pretty fine market for the area. It is still early in the season for a ton of local produce but there was some and also a good variety of things to nibble on. A nice thing they had was a kid area where they have bubbles and different art activities. You do have to stay to supervise but it is a nice addition for the kids when they get tired of looking at fruits and veggies! There is also a nice fountain area that keeps the kids interested. The girls favorite part was the roasted Corn on the Cob. YUMMY!!!
Other markets I plan on visiting

Other Farm Fun Plans

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Remlinger Farm has all ready got crossed off the list, though I am sure the girls wouldn't complain if we fit in a second trip this year! Definitely a must-do for any families in the area with 3-6 year olds! If you haven't gone, put it on your list!

South 47 Farm has been on my list for a number of years. A bit out of the way but it supposedly has great produce and they have kid classes available ($7 per child) with hay rides and more!

And then I will use the site at PugetSoundFresh to find other local farms, farmers markets and places to purchase as much local produce as I can. Love the freshness, the girls get a better idea of where there food is coming from, much better for the envirnoment and always a fun outing!!!! I have been debating joining a CSA for a few years now but always hold off. I would love to hear if someone knows of a good one in the area.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of our family summer bucket list. It will be nice for me to have the links contained in one spot when I need to refer back to things and I hope that maybe it will give some of the local readers new ideas for things to do with the family this summer. I also hope that people will share more ideas of things that I may not know about to fill our bucket list up! Know of some great farms or farmer's markets we should attend? Please leave a comment for me and I will add it to the list!! AND my first attempt at tagging my posts for future reference. I will work on getting a link on the side-bar that will take you to all the bucket list posts.


Sara said...

Sounds fun. You should check out the Puyallup farmer's market. We used to go there all the time when we lived in Milton.

ANDREA said...

Lisa, I love this! Thanks for all the info. We'll definatly be going.

Amy said...

So funny, just last night I was telling Derek I want to find more farmer's markets and go soon! We saw in ad in the Black Diamond paper about Mosley farm, down on green valley road. It's really close by, so I'll let you know when we stop by! Keep sharing the ideas - I love it!

katy said...

Sounds wonderful! Love the pics of your corny girls :)

How is your test garden doing? Post please.