Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backyard Progress

To say our yard is a work in progress is a huge understatement. We have done so much in the 3 years that we have been here, but there is so much more to go. The first two years we really focused on the front and side yards but now we have finally moved into the back and made some good progress.

Here is a before photo of our view from the patio right before the woods were destroyed.
And here is what it looked like immediately after the destruction this September. It is still hard to look at the difference between those two photos. I will admit that the extra sunlight coming into our yard and house is a big plus but I still miss all those wonderful trees.
And the AFTER photos:
It is really hard to see much because there were two large bushes in the beds right by the patio that blocked any type of view. So we pulled those out and transplanted them. That alone, really opened up the view and possibilities. You can also see we added the back fence which blocks out some of the ugliness behind us. We have planted some trees and shrubs along the fenceline to give more privacy in the upcoming years. I then went ahead and made some new flowerbeds by the patio and on the otherside of the trail with all sorts of fun flowers for my woodland themed yard. Things like hostas, jacob's ladder, hardy fuschia and geraniums, hellebore, columbine, heuchera and lots more. What a difference it makes; along with cleaning up the trail, adding mulch and gravel, clearing out more logs, weeds and mess...... The crazy thing is that this is still just one small corner of the yard and there is so much more to tackle. But it does give me hope! It felt so great to spend all weekend working hard in the yard and to see progress being made. Some weekends we will spend hours back there and still not notice much of a change, but not this time. My back will be sore for a few days, but it is well worth it!!


katy said...

oh my gosh, Lisa! It looks so amazing!! Simply beautiful. You guys did wonderful job. Holey Cow! I'm kinda in shock - it's like a Sunset Magazine transformation. Good for you!!

Amy said...

Wow, it looks so great! I am impressed by the difference - I can't wait to see it in person when it's all finished. Good job!

Melinda said...

Lisa, it looks GREAT !!!! You should be very proud.