Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Bucket List #2

Kid Programs and Concerts
We are so fortunate to live an area with so many opportunities for fun kid activities during the summer. I find, the only problem is keeping track of them all and remembering to attend. So here is my bucket list for all the fun programs to go to. And every single one on the list is FREE FREE FREE!!!!
Anyone who knows me, would know I am a huge advocate for public libraries and we have an AMAZING system here. We have 3 libraries within 10 minutes of our house that we regularly rotate between, along with another 3 within 20 minutes. I always think it is so fun to go to all the different ones to check out their selections, story times and more. I think we are going to extend the range this year to even try more libraries out. The summer reading program begins June 15th and Madison is all ready preparing to get her reading log. This years prize for filling it out is an art set. I haven't seen it but the librarian was at her school the other day and Madison claimed it was very fancy "with oil pastels and all." So that will be a good addition to our summer fun. Along with the reading logs, the libraries put on so many concerts, puppet shows, plays, magic shows and more. Click on the above link to find all the different events taking place this summer. Those alone could fill your calendar!
Summer Concert Series
We always enjoy going to all the different outdoor musical concerts and enjoying a picnic lunch or dinner at the local parks while the girls can dance around to the music. I am sure there are so many more, but here is a list of the ones closest to us. But we are always willing to travel, so let me know of other good ones in the area.
City of Auburn - kids concerts every Wednesday starting July 1 at noon at Les Gove park
family concerts every Wednesday starting July 8 at 7:00 pm at Les Gove park
City of Kent - lunchtime concerts at Kent Station on Tuesdays
kid performances at noon on Wednesday and Thursday (still waiting for location)
evening concerts at Lake Meridian on Thursday nights
Maple Valley - concerts at Lake Wilderness, click here for schedule
KidsDay at Game Farm Park - June 19 11:00-4:00
I think we will be skipping this one since Madison will still be in school but it is always a fun outing. Inflatables, arts and crafts and lots more. Disclaimer - I don't know if this one is entirely free but there are free things to do there! And for the preschool crowd, it probably won't be as busy as most years since school is still going to be in session (I am thinking there was a mix-up in scheduling due to the snow-days).

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