Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Update

My friend Katy requested an update and since I so enjoyed her garden blogs last year I wanted to give her my update. (check out her blog, as she is now living in Luxembourg and has some amazing adventures and photos!)

The experimental gardens seem to be progressing nicely. For some reason, our cucumbers met a sudden death but everything else is thriving and growing. Now the question is, will they start producing fruit?? We are not getting nearly the direct sun that I had hoped for, so I think it is going to be tough for the tomatoes to ripen quickly but we have some green ones making an attempt.
It is a good spot for broccoli and peas and they both seem to be quite pleased with their home.
The carrots are shooting up and the celery looks good (Though I have no clue what celery in a garden will eventually look like so I am not sure what I am basing my assessment on besides the fact that they are a lovely shade of green!). The pumpkins and strawberries are flowering. So I have hope. Of course, we will probably miss all the excitement when we leave town for 2 weeks the start of July!
In our crazy yardwork weekend, Tom also tackled all the weeds in the area and laid down some gravel to make the garden corner more visually appealing which made a big difference too!

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katy said...

Looks great! I've never seen what celery looks like when it grows either. Post photos when you get something.