Friday, July 17, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

I have been feeling the "itch" to get crafting lately. The last few months of school were so crazy with obligations that I didn't have much desire. And Madison didn't have much interest in organized crafts after being at school all day. Now that we are done with our big summer travels I am hoping to dive into the disaster known as the Scrap Cave and get busy. And I am also looking forward to fun crafting with the girls (bucket list edition coming soon) so we attempted this project that has been on my "must do list" for 6 months. So much fun and simple as can be. I am seeing all the many possibilities we can do with it.
Click above for tutorial with a cricut die cut machine, if you don't have the machine HERE is a link for you
So the girls picked out some designs from the cricut options I had. They decided they wanted to be the "beach sisters" so found beachy themed items. I cut the designs out onto Reynolds Freezer Paper (found with the foils and wraps at the grocery store) with the SHINY SIDE UP and then you iron it onto fabric with the SHINY SIDE DOWN.
The girls then painted over the stencils with fabric paint and VOILA!! At first we planned these to be pajama shirts but now I am thinking they can be fun swim cover-ups at the beach and pool.
The options are endless and I am thinking it would be a fun and easy activity to do during playdates or even a birthday party. I am imagining some cool pillow cases that could be made during sleep overs. FUN!!!!

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Amy said...

They turned out cute - I am dying to work on pictures or scrapbooking lately, but too busy and too HOT!! Hopefully, sometime soon...