Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Bucket List - SPLISH SPLASH

Fun in the water is always a big hit at our house. I grew up spending my entire summers at the local public pool. I sometimes get annoyed that we don't have just regular outdoor public pools in the area but there are so many other options and most are free - BONUS!!!!
Today the girls had fun at Kent Plaza and Kent Station in the fountains and sprinklers. I didn't realize the Kent Plaza one is so extensive. Definitely a fun stop in the summer heat and then you can just walk across to Kent Station for shopping or dining.
Other spots on our list for FREE water fun are:
  • Mud Mountain wading pool - Enumclaw
  • Les Grove Sprinkler Park - Auburn
  • Fountain Fun at Seattle Center (did you know there were 6 plus the ones at the Science Center??) - Seattle
  • Lake Fun - including Lake Washington, Sammamish, Wilderness, Meridian and more. I will be using this article for reference on different spots to go to each week
  • Camping at the Pacific OceanMudd Mountain - summer '08

The not-so-free items on our water fun list are:

One definite for this year is I am keeping a set of beach towels and extra clothes in the car at all times since it seems we often find water fun when we aren't fully prepared for it and this will ensure I don't have to be the mean mom keeping the kids out of the fun!


ANDREA said...

Where is this Kent Plaza place? Across from KS? Where? Looks fun. We went to Les Grove last dirty. Didn't stay long. Not to ruin it for everyone but I did see a little boy wip it out and pee on the ground where everyone was playing! So gross.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing all these ideas!! Yeah, where is Kent Plaza?

Lisa said...

Kent Plaza is a very fancy name for the block just south of kent station across the street from the library. They have just put in the fountain area and have a stage set up for the Wednesday kid concerts.