Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photoshop or Old School - the internal debate

I was prepared and excited to take my online photoshop class through Jessica Sprague to maybe get more of a handle on improving and embellishing upon my photography. I have dabbled with photoshop type programs over the past 5 years with mixed feelings. I will spend hours learning a new skill to then not use it enough to get it stored in my long term memory so six months later when I go to try it again I have to start from scratch. I always leave wondering if it was really worth the time I put into it. I also have self-conflict with the desire to mess with my photos. I really enjoy my pictures to tell me the story of what was going on and I am not sure I have a desire to distort them. Or adding color to the sky or water when it really wasn't there..... is that really what I want?
SOOOOO.... I decided to take this class with some friends to perfect this digital art. Well, not perfect but at least improve. Mom took the girls to the zoo so I head to the local coffee shop for some free wi-fi and a chai tea to immerse in my lesson. 20 minutes later I have the elements downloaded and unzipped, 15 minutes later I am cursing at the video that is frozen half-way through and I can't make it continue, 10 more minutes of not being able to paste a frame onto the photo (a simple task I have done many times) Finally I have stopped with the above half-complete assignment. Was an hours worth of time really worth a distorted background and the cute "sassy" embellishment? I am thinking not.......
The jury remains out for me. Not sure if my wi-fi signal effected the video, my different photo editing software didn't like the frame or what. I will continue to dabble and attempt these classes. I do think it will add some excitement to my blogged photos and is always fun for a different spin in some layouts but I really question the time factor for the learning curve that I may never get to top of when I am fairly happy with my photos as is.
Thank you for reading the Ramblings of Lisa - the July edition! If the above made any sense to anyone I will be shocked and amazed.

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katy said...

ooooo, sooo jealous Lisa!! Yes, some are worth messing with. Seems overwhelming when you think of all the pictures you take. But for a few, you'll be happy to be able to alter them.