Monday, August 3, 2009

Farming Updates

Garden Progress

Carrots and Celery

Overall, our garden has been a bit disappointing. Not nearly enough sunlight to get the full bounty I had hoped for. Next year we will be doing alot more peas and broccoli as those were the most successful. The girls still enjoy going out to check on it and today I found Madison swinging blissfully while chewing on a stalk of celery she has just picked and she announced "Isn't it great that I can have celery whenever I want?" And yes that is definitely great. Our tomato plants are heavy with fruit but the ripening just isn't happening too quickly. I still have hope and won't give up!
Farmer's Markets

We have made it to a few of the local markets. My ratings of them would be as follows:

1. Renton

2. Maple Valley

3. Kent

Still looking to go to a few more before the season is over. I fell in love with this handmade basket at the Maple Valley Market this weekend. It is a piece of art and a fabulous bag to add to my growing collection of handmade bags and purses (insert Tom eye roll here:-) I just LOVE it so much. The girls enjoyed watching the craftsman create a basket right in front of them. Very cool! It was an amazing bargain at $29 for something that takes up to 7 hours to make!! I am considering going to get more to keep on hand for gifts! It is the perfect size for so many uses - picnic playdates at the park, shopping treasures and it will even hold a scrapbook and some supplies for a crop event! PERFECT!

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Anonymous said...

Our garden was a total flop this year. I have such fond memories of sitting in my mother's garden between the tomato plants just eating tomatoes off of the vine. I wanted to recreate that for my children but the Florida sun and gardens do not mix. Oh and the fact that we have deer in our neighborhood that love to eat our plants? well, that doesn't help either! Love that picture of her eating carrots!