Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you ready for some football??

We are!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the start of football season. It is by far my favorite spectator sport and I have fond memories of when I was a little girl watching football with the family. The girls sing their Seahawk Song, we wear our Seahawk clothes and cheer our favorite team on. Doesn't hurt when they win big!!! Last season, the girls were a bit of fair-weather fans and their enthusiasm dwindled as the season progressed. Hopefully the Hawks have a bit more success this season to keep us cheering! Tom started a new touchdown cheer that the girls thought was lots of fun so I am sure that will catch on. We always start watching on the big tv but after too much distraction for daddy the girls move into the family room to finish the game to give daddy some space.

Which then turns into this: And you can't kick off the football viewing season without a big bowl of Cheetos. YUMMY!!!!

And it was also the start of the TRUE football season for Madison, Nora starts next week.


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Anonymous said...

OK, I understand being a Seahawk fan, but doncha think they should be wearing Bobcat gear ...just because?? I wonder if the girls keep their Dad awake like Tom did with his Dad??Peggy