Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First days of school


The strike delayed things by a few weeks but Madison FINALLY got her first day of second grade yesterday. It is amazing how it was like she had never left. She is such a confident kid (too confident at times!) and took off without even a glance over her shoulder for mommy. I think we will love her teacher this year and she has a great class of kids so we are looking forward to a fantastic school year.


And then Nora had her first day today. Again, there was no hesitation or turning back for Nora. Going to the same place as last year definitely has its benefits!!

Thanks to Grandma Margie for the shopping giftcards. The girls were quite thrilled to go shopping for their first day of school dresses!

scrapping images thanks to ShabbyPrincess


Amy said...

Did you scrapbook those, or was it digital scrapbooking? Very cute!

ANDREA said...

Nora looks so cute in that outfit! Glad they got to start!

Lisa said...

Digital scrapbooking. Took about 10 minutes each!! Of course, I should have been doing much more productive things with that 10 minutes, but oh well!!

Heather said...

So cute! Love the girls dresses.

Anonymous said...

That's just great that the school year is finally starting. Both girls look thrilled to be on their way!! .. and their outfits are darling. digital scrapbooking looks like something even I could try, hmmmm? Peggy