Monday, September 21, 2009

Friendship Rainbow Rice

I have made many huge batches of colored rice (and noodles) for fun activities with kids over the years. But I love Nora's preschool teacher's way to do it. As always, she turned it into a kid centered activity that was tons of fun with learning happening too!!

1. Scoop rice into a jar to fill up to marked line

(a little more than half way to leave plenty of space for shaking)

2. Put in drops of food coloring

Let child decide how many drops and what colors, mixing colors is encouraged


4. Dump onto waxed paper and mix with friends' rice


some kids were satisfied with one while other kids must have made 10 or more jars

all the rice will go into the sensory tub for play over the next few weeks


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of Nora concentrating. Good activity, too. Some version could be used to make reindeer food at Christmas??? Trail mix for any season with different holiday candies or different colored dried fruit..... Peggy

featherbed said...

this is a cute project! I've never colored rice...