Saturday, September 26, 2009

Personalized Tee's

I saw these adorable long-sleeved t-shirts on the Garnett Hill website. SO CUTE. I was thinking about putting one for each girl into my cart until I took a look at the price. $48 They are cute but can't justify spending $100 on two t-shirts for my girls! So, that got my creative juices flowing. Remember THESE shirts the girls made using freezer paper and the cricut die-cut machine? I decided to use the same technique to make personalized shirts for the girls.

I started with these plain long-sleeve tee's from Gap for $9 each.
Then I used the monogram cartridge for the cricut machine (thanks Sara:-) I did 3 separate layers for the painting. I think if I did it again I would do a fourth layer of just a circle under the scallop but overall I think they turned out pretty good. Had a bit of bleeding with the dots so need to work on getting the freezer paper ironed down completely. What do you think? Can I sell them for $40? Probably not, but I am thinking I may mass produce a few for birthday gifts! Who doesn't love a personalized clothing item?


Amy said...

They turned out adorable! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Very clever..they look great!! Peggy

ANDREA said...

So cute!