Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lunchbox Love Notes

With school getting started I am now trying to get into our "normal" routines and patterns. I have to admit the the whole strike thing threw me off and I didn't feel quite as prepared as I would have liked with all the extra details that had been floating through my head. We had 24 hours notice for the first day of school and although I knew it was eventually on its way I still felt a bit out of sorts.
One thing I did last year for Madison was to include a "Love Note" in her lunchbox each day. I think I forgot less than 5 times the entire year and you can bet I heard about it afterwards!! No need to tell me the details of her school day, but I was sure to hear about the missing note! I am trying to expand upon the love notes this year to not get into it becoming the same thing daily. One way to do this is to get more creative with the notes themselves.

I have been having fun using leftover scrapbooking supplies and stamps to produce a pile of notes. It is quick, easy and doesn't need to be perfect to satisfy my 7 year old!
I found these on Martha Stewart. They are intended to be printed out as stickers but I just printed them on paper and cut them out. I can glue the circle ones onto another piece of paper to add detail and just write on the rectangle ones.

Another key addition to the Love Note box is Joke Books. When I am feeling stuck on what to write I can just grab a quick joke to write onto the note. I also like to keep a variety of stickers, pens, fun scissors and papers in the box ready to go. The whole box has a spot on the pantry shelf so it is quick and easy to grab it on as we are rushing around trying to get prepared for the day ahead. As the supply gets low, that is my sign to raid my scrap room for more fun things to use in the box. A great way to clear out the scrap supplies and give Madison a special note in the middle of the school day!


katy said...

I really don't know how you do this every day. I did it for both girls on the first day. I did it last year on Eva's first and last day. Mornings are so rushed. Madison is lucky! You're a great mommy :)

ANDREA said...

Lisa! I love this idea so much. Help me remember to do it when my girls are in school. I loved when my mom used to write on my napkin once and a while!

Amy said...

Once again, thanks for the great ideas and inspiration! I'm working on making a note box right now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a great Mom!! Peggy

Sara said...

Wow. My post-it notes suddenly seem very lame. I might have to try some of your ideas. We are about 2 weeks into school and I'm already running out of things to say!

Aimee said...

I am definitely going to make some nice love notes to go in my kids lunches. I do occasionally put a funny joke in for them to laugh at and share with their friends, but I think they would really like something like you have done. Thanks for the great idea!