Friday, October 16, 2009

At This Exact Moment

The girls are creating damns in the POURING rain. Little snippets of conversations I am hearing are:

"We need more current"

"The salt water playground is good but the fresh water playground is broken"

"Okay, son," "Son, which side are you making it on", "SON SON SON" (whenever they play this game Madison becomes the daddy beaver and Nora is her son)

M: "Nora, do you know what it means when someone has a crush on you? It means they are in love with you." N: "I am in love with you Maddy!"
And what am I doing???? Blogging in the garage. How lame is that? Thank goodness for Wi-Fi or I would have to do something productive like clean the garage. I am sure Tom will be horrified that a photo of our garage is out in cyber world.


ANDREA said...

I love it! Especially you blogging in the garage. Ha!

Sara said...

That is hilarious! There is no room in our garage for me to blog! It is full of band equipment! Well, unless I want to sit at the drums. Very cute post. I like the quotes.

Anonymous said...

It's great!!The rain, the conversation. I'm grateful for wifi, too. Whenever you can blog is good for us. I guess I have a crush on ALL of you. Peggy

featherbed said...

cute little beavers! :)