Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Family Craftiness

I have a few craft projects that I have been working on that I want to share but can't reveal the suprise for the people who will be receiving them so will need to wait a few more days. So I will share what the girls have been working on. They have been busy making all sorts of homemade gifts for people. I think it is so important that they do this and not just hand over a gift that mom bought at the store (though we will of course be doing that too).

Nora has decided her "talent" is making necklaces so that is what everyone is getting. It was so cute the day she was making mine in secret. I could hear her sounding out how to spell my name as she wrapped it and made a tag. She was very proud.

Madison has been dabbling in a number of different projects. Her problem is that she gets big plans in her head and gets them started but has a hard time staying focused through completion. This is a bookmark she made for her teacher Mrs. B...... I was extremely impressed with her hand stitching and she did a great job keeping focused with this one. She has created her own "design company" and is hoping I will help her with a blog to display her creations. If her Santa wish is granted she just may have alot more goodies to share (and mommy will too!!).

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