Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tom gets crafty

My craftiness must be wearing off on Tom. It was Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest at REI today. Tom went to Goodwill to find one but there were none to be found. I have heard these are a HOT item on the second hand sales floors and you must start looking for them in October. Who knew?? Instead he found a plain read sweater and a bag of Christmas Crap. Sorry, no better term for it.
Not bad for under $5! He did need lessons on how to work the hot glue gun. Do you think there is any chance he will wear it for us on Christmas morning??
**UPDATE** - HE WON FIRST PRIZE!!! I think that handmade element had to buy him a few extra points! And the fact that he claims to be a Grinch about the holidays but then will go to the extra effort to do this.
Add on funny story - once he was done with his masterpiece we were sitting on the couch watching tv. All the lights were off with just the Christmas tree lit up. I kept looking across the room at the tree and looking at one ornament in particular trying to identify it. Finally I say something to Tom and he fesses up that it was one from his goodie bag that he threw up there. If you have seen my tree you would know there are LOTS of ornaments, but I can identify the origin of each one so don't you dare try to sneak in an ornament on me. Even funnier, Madison walks by the tree this afternoon and immediately asks "Where did the new ornament come from?"


ANDREA said...


katy said...

What a fun contest! I'm glad to see your crafty vibe has worn off on Tom. You should be proud :)

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose that gives him a chance to get in touch with his true 'inner person'? PK

Amy said...

I love it! You can tell Tom I am VERY impressed. And now that he knows how to work a glue gun, just imagine the crafts he can create:)

Karin Deti said...

LOL!! Can I borrow that for next year?!!