Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Planning - Nora Style

Nora is in major count-down mode until the big day. On February 10, if you weren't aware, my baby will be turning FIVE. And she wants to be prepared. Today she created her birthday guest list (on the left) and gift wish list (on the right). We also discussed theme plans that ranged from puppy party to princess party and everything in between. At one moment, she was trying to convince me a rainbow fairy mermaid celebration was what was needed. I think we have narrowed it down to a rainbow fairy party, for today at least. I am looking forward to party planning that is kid done with Nora's hand being involved in invitations, decorations, baking and more. My very insightful friend Katy posted this about her daughter's birthday cake, which was absolutely adorable. As moms, I think we often get caught up in what WE think looks good and how WE want things to look instead of looking at it through the eyes of a a five year old..... Goes back to many of my philosophies on early childhood education, that I won't bore you with at the moment. So most likely this will be the gaudiest, craziest and FUNNEST five year old rainbow fairy party that we can have! Looking forward to it!!


Anonymous said...

I think you and Katy have the right idea. And Kudos to Katy, her blog was warm and funny and perfect. I think the stiff drink idea is applicable for many projects! PK

katy said...

Lisa, I can't wait to see the scenes from Nora's party. I've always admired your commitment to "kid made." It has served as a good reminder to me on many occasions. If you and Nora need some rainbow inspiration, look here:

And thanks to PK for the nice note about my blog.