Monday, January 18, 2010

Day at the Beach

I suppose it could have been better. Like if we were on a beach in Hawaii or Mexico but I have to say that we had an amazing day at the beach in Washington. Started out a little questionable when we were driving through pouring rain, there was high wind advisories for the straight and the drive ended up just a titch longer than we expected. But the farther we drove, the skies began to turn blue and we eventually arrived at our destination with blue skies, sun shining and no noticable winds. Pretty extrodinary for a January day on the Puget Sound!
We spent the Monday holiday at the Dungeness Spit on the Puget Sound. We were going with the intent of bird watching at the National Wildlife Refuge, but I guess the birds didn't get the memo since they were few and far between. But the gorgeous weather and amazing scenery made up for the lack of wildlife, though we did get a few seal sightings which was exciting.
The beach had perfect rocks for CAIRN building (Tom had to educate me on that technical term!) Both Tom and Madison got towers 11 rocks high!!
The girls were thrilled with just playing on the beach, as always! It took us over an hour to walk half a mile, due to the constant stopping for play times. They especially liked playing Tsunami and running away from the waves. Though Nora get getting her words confused and would yell "SALAMI" instead of tsunami!!!

I am so glad we decided to spend the day with this fun adventure and were willing to put the effort into going somewhere new. And we are always thankful for such amazing car traveling girls! We really weren't expecting to be in the car 6 hours round trip and weren't quite prepared for that but they were great with no complaints what so ever.

Walking in Daddy's footsteps


Anonymous said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!! A splendid use of a day off. PK

Amy said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like a great adventure!