Monday, February 1, 2010

Flight (and plight) of the Butterfly

The girls and I decided to spend a wet and rainy Seattle Saturday at the Pacific Science Center. It certainly wasn't a unique idea, as the place was PACKED. The highlight of each trip there for the girls is the Butterfly House. They choose their clothing specifically with hopes of getting a butterfly to land on them and even applied a bit of body spray to help their chances. The last 2 times Madison has been the chosen one with the butterflies and Nora has not forgotten it! The place was very busy this trip so I thought our chances were slim to none of a landing, though Nora was certain it would happen and stood very still at the koi pond just waiting patiently.

First landing was on my boot. This guy stayed there for about 5 minutes while I walked around.

It was then getting time to leave with no luck for Nora. I was preparing myself for a full blown melt-down when this occured.

I was so relieved and Nora was thrilled beyond belief. THANK YOU MRS. BUTTERFLY!!!!

Then we were off to the Imax viewing of BUGS.

Quote from Madison at the end of the movie "I ALMOST made it to the end without crying!" Yes folks, that's right, my ultra-sensitive child who has pretty much cried watching every movie she has ever seen even cried at an IMAX viewing of BUGS!!!! Want to know the truth? Mommy got a bit teary eyed too, so I don't think we need to wonder where this sensitivity comes from. Tom says I cry at coffee commercials, which is completely true and I don't even like coffee!!! Just to defend Madison and myself it was quite tragic. We had been following the life of one sweet caterpillar/butterfly named Papilio and in the end we watch her get eaten by a praying mantis!!! Heart breaking.


Melanie at Finally Homeschooling said...

Oh how fun! I saw your post and hope that you have read Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison to your kids. It was custom made for your day!


Amy said...

I love that picture of Nora with the butterfly on her head! What a great shot!!