Friday, April 2, 2010

Last year in my Easter Basket Cupcake post I wrote the following
"Take each waffle cup and line with tinfoil. To be honest, I somewhat question if this step is necessary. I tried one without the tinfoil and it turned out fine. The tinfoil process if frustrating for the kids and often results in broken cups. So if you want to follow the exact directions, cover with tinfoil. If you are a rebel, then skip it!!"

So for the sake of saving time and energy, I decided to be a rebel and skipped the tinfoil step. I am thinking that was a big mistake.

Now I have 4 second graders and 2 5 year olds coming over in 1.5 hours planning on a cupcake decorating party. I need to quickly scramble for plan B (along with getting my house cleaned). Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

....and??? then what happened???? Ohmygosh. I'd have been in a total tizzy. Peggy

Anonymous said...