Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Madison River (maybe???)

Each year since Madison was born we try and take her photo at the Madison River on our summer road trip. The first photo we have is when she is 3 weeks old and we were brave enough to make a huge trek through the entire state, with the dog and an overheating car engine. Some day I will have to dig out the photos and do a blog post on that adventure!

This year I knew I had to take the photo on the way out since we are taking a different route home. We took the normal exit at Three Forks that we typically take to the Missouri Headwaters State Park. Unfortunately, there was road construction and the bridge over the interstate was out for construction. We tried to find another way around but couldn't make it work. So I get back on the inter-state with Madison in tears. A few miles down the road there is another exit so I take it and head towards the river I can see in the distance. We find a nice spot to get out and take a photo. Just one problem, there is no sign telling me what river this is. I am not confident it is the Madison but 20 years from now, we won't know the difference right?? So let's all pretend this is the Madison River and keep it quiet from Madison that it may have actually been the Jefferson!
Have to admit, this isn't the best river photo we have gotten. Between the road issues, time crunch and high flowing river it isn't quite as picturesque as I would hope for. But Madison is happy to have her yearly photo, and that was really the goal for this year. Hopefully next year we can fit in a full Madison River adventure to locate a new photo location.

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