Friday, July 2, 2010

R & R

Ahhhhh, vacation with Rest and Relaxation. After a few crazy fun days with the cousins and long days of driving we arrived at the grandparents where vacation can truely start. For me, that means pretty much the OFF DUTY sign goes up. The girls are so happy and comfortable with the grandparents that I can sit back and take a break. Over the course of the week I got a good deal of scrapping done, getting caught up through May of this year. I also did a bit of shopping, a LOT of sleeping in and a little bit of working out (biking and running). And lots of good meals that I didn't cook or clean. What more could you want???
The girls have been having fun with both sets of grandparents going to the zoo, canoeing on the lake, reading lots of books, shopping at build-a-bear, seeing Toy Story 3, feeding the ducks, garden walks, going to bed way later than normal and all around good fun!

Tomorrow we are off to the next stop in the road tour. We are going to the small town of Fort Benton for a family reunion. I am looking forward to visiting the family farm that my great-great grandparents homesteaded and is still owned by our family along with many other family spots in town (including the original Nora's home). The girls are excited to see the Shep statue and family. One other bonus for me, the "off duty" sign gets to stay up a few hours since the girls are riding with my parents to the destination AND Tom is sacrificing his 3 day weekend by driving out with Micah to spend the reunion with us. It should be a wonderful time with family.


Amy said...

Sounds so great! Glad Tom gets to join you:)

ANDREA said...

Enjoy it!