Friday, September 24, 2010

September Catch-Up

Wow, the last 24 days have been a whirlwind to say the least. I have a number of unfinished blog posts in my drafts but just never have gotten time to really focus on things. Sooo I will give a quick review of the highlights of the month.
Let the craziness begin! Soccer season is in full swing. We decided to take a season off from the coaching gig. Overall it was a good decision and I really don't think our sanity could have handled coaching. But without control of schedules we now have 3 nights of practices each week and games at 2 different fields on each Saturday. So I think I can officially be labeled a true soccer mom. The girls are having fun, Nora scored a goal last week and Madison is working on not chatting so much on the field:-)

REI rented out the ShoWare center to celebrate the Starfish Project going live. They had a very nice dinner and the skating was much more successful than I anticipated. I think we will be hitting the ice more this year.
I've picked up a very small babysitting gig before school. Two neighbor boys come over around 8:00 and then I take the whole crew to the bus. Overall it is going really well and is making the girls and I more accountable to be up and dressed before they arrive each morning.
The girls look forward to every September when the neighbor's plum tree is ready to harvest. It has become a tradition to pick their after school snack on the way home. Madison mastered climbing the tree this year to grab the higher fruit.

Madison had her first field trip and we went to the bee farm. Her teacher really likes field trips and all ready has the next one scheduled in 3 weeks. I guess I better get ready for a year of chaperoning adventures.
Overall the school year is off to a great start and both girls seem happy with their classes and teachers. I am looking forward to starting art docent lessons in both classrooms starting next month.

Tonight Madison is off at her first ever sleep over away from home. She insisted on going straight there from school and had no interest in talking to me on the phone to check in. Tom is away for the night on a poker/biking boys' getaway. So Nora and I donned our matching pj's and had milkshakes while watching the new Tinkerbell movie and then played board games in bed. She wanted me to write the details in one of her many notebooks and had the final sentence be "My mom made it the best night ever!"
And in all our free time (ha ha) we are still trying to work on the front yard project. I have to say I am LOVING our revamped entryway and now try to find reasons to use it instead of the garage. We still need to get the door and window replaced so it is centered and that horrible amber window is GONE but I think the progress is pretty good. Here is a reminder of the before.

Okay, so that is the highlights. I also have been juggling the PTA president gig and trying to find a good balance of those tasks along with keeping the house in order and keeping up with my workout routine. So far the balance is not quite happening but I am hoping that by mid-October things will even out and I can get things under control.
And speaking of mid-October........ only 25 days until Tom and I are off on a plane to Hawaii. My emotions range from pure excitement to pure panic!


Amy said...

Great post, I love the highlights. I LOVE the entry way! Looks so good!

Anonymous said...

As usual, it all sounds wonderful, except - maybe- the soccer schedule. Oh my. I also think the entryway looks great ... and for Halloween...check out the World Market displays. There's this thing that I know Tom & Ron would love to build for us!! (ha) Peggy

Hayhay said...

Loved your post Lisa! Nora's comment was so sweet and the front entry before and after pics were amazing!! LOVING the transformation and the door is just going to make it amazing!! This is Karin, by the way. Just realized that I'm logged on to Hayley's blogspot. :)

ANDREA said...

I love the matching jammies! What a fun night! Great post...hope to see you around. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking. Where were YOU when you took that shot of Madison in the plum tree?? Just wondering. Peggy