Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten on Ten

It was a family affair for Ten on Ten photos today on 10-10-10. Pictures taken by
myself (LNK), Madison (MKK) and Tom (TRK)
Birthday Breakfast in Bed (LNK)
Phone calls (LNK)
Pastry Chefs (LNK)
Entering the Ipod world, just a bit late (MKK)
Adventure Ready Camera (MKK)
More Birthday Fun (LNK)
Carousel Reflections (LNK)
First ITunes Purchase (LNK)
Lisa turns 7, about (TRK)
10-10-10 10:10


Anonymous said...

An auspicious date and day, to be sure...always worth celebrating. Glad it was a good day. Peggy

ANDREA said...

Love it. Happy Happy Birthday.

Amy said...

How fun to do ten on ten on your birthday! Glad it looks like a good one:)

Anonymous said...

hi mom and dad. love your pictures.
from, maddy