Sunday, October 24, 2010

Letter Home #5

Happy Sunday Girls and GO SEAHAWKS! Did you wear your shirts and sing our special song? I can't believe that this will be our last full day on the island. We will spend most of Monday here but get on the plane in the evening and then fly all night to land in Seattle on Tuesday morning.

Madison, congratulations on your game winning goal! We are so proud of you and wish we could have seen it but it is great that Grandma got to see you score a goal!! Nora, it sounds like you had a good game too. Hope you didn't get too muddy.

Today was a bit of a lazy day for us. We decided to take it easy and not do any huge adventures today. We started out with a late breakfast and a little shopping around town. Then we rented some fun beach cruiser bikes and rode the 5 mile path that follows the beach. It was a really nice ride, although VERY hot.

See that beach behind us? On our way back we found a small path down to it. There was no car access anywhere near so it was almost totally secluded with just 3 other people on the whole beach. We found a nice tree to lay down under since it was way too hot to sit in the sun. We spent time reading and napping listening to the waves. It was lovely. Then we rode back into town.
We had a very nice fancy dinner tonight. We had hoped to catch the sunset on the beach but the dinner took to long, or the sunset came too quickly.
Hopefully we can catch it tomorrow. We have more hiking and exploring tomorrow on the south side of the island.

Love you bunches and miss you tons. 2 more days and we will be home.
Mom and Dad


Heather said...

Fun day! Did you have the molten chocolate cake at Roy's? Yum, yum!

Anonymous said...

hi mom!hi dad!
I miss u alot too;)I can't wait to see u agin.U are so lucky!
love maddy.
Hi mom! Hi Dad!
The soccer game was great! We got cupcakes for snack!!! Maddie got 1 too. Me and Grandma were late.
Love, Nora

Karin Deti said...

hey lisa! I'm just now checking in on your trip... soooooooo happy (but also a bit jealous!) for you! I bet you're going to be the first person that I know who goes on vacation and comes back in better shape than when she left! OMG... cannot believe how active you guys have been! Bummer about the snorkeling. Regarding the zip-line stuff... I think I would've have to change my shorts after taking a run on that! :) Sounds like you and your ever-lovin' are having an awesome time... get ready for monsoon season when you get back!