Friday, October 22, 2010

Letters Home #4

Hi girls,

Madison, we really enjoyed your comments from yesterday. Nora, good job finding Mercedes when she got lost. I am sure Grandma appreciated your help.
Today we had an amazing adventure. We took a guided tour called the Kipu Safari Zipline. We started out kayaking 2 miles up river. Then we hiked and took a tractor pulled wagon ride through some beautiful scenery. Many famous movies have been filmed in this area, though none you have seen. Maybe some day you will watch Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean and we can show you where we were.
Then came the most exciting and scariest part. Ziplining over the canopy of the forest. I was quite nervous but it was amazing and beautiful. We got to go on 3 zipline rides and once I got used to it, I wish we could have done more. We have a video of us going down the longest one we will show you when we get home.

Then we went to a large pond that had a short zipline that dropped you into the middle of the pool of water. I LOVED this one and could have done it all day!

We ended with another short hike and then a boat ride down the river. It was a pretty incredible day. Hope your soccer games were good and not too rainy!

Mom and Dad


Heather said...

Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! Be sure & have a lazy day at the beach too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom Hi Dad,
I had a wonderful day today. We won my soccer game.We went to Subway.
I love you bunches and bunches, Mom and Dad.Love, Nora
Hi Mom Hi Dad,
I don't have much to say since i just talked to you on the phone. You are so lucky to go kayaking and on the zipline.
Love you bunches, Madison
P.S. I miss you lots and lots and lots!